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Intro to Kumiko

"Kumiko: A Japanese technique of assembling small wooden pieces without the use of glue or nails."

When working with small pieces, and especially when so many intersect, precision is paramount. In this class you will learn how to appropriately size the pieces for the grid and how a couple of simple paring blocks, a fine saw and a sharp chisel are all you need to do it - no rulers or tape measures needed here!

The tools and materials provided will be ready to go on arrival, so this class is suitable for those new to woodworking as well as anyone wanting to further their hand tool skills.

For those that wish to refine their new skills at home, extra material can be purchased along with the Kumiko paring block board as used in the class.

Kumiko Coaster

The class runs from 10:00 to 16:00 with a break for lunch.

£75 per student, including materials, tea & coffee. Tools provided.

2024 Class Dates @ Proteus Creation Space - Basingstoke

Wednesday  21st February

Saturday 23rd March

Wednesday 24th April

Saturday 25th May

Leave a message below with the number of people and the date you'd like to attend!

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